We are passionate about experiences

Royalty Productions in an urban entertainment company. We live and breathe music, and most of all we are extremely passionate about the amazing experiences great music can deliver.
We strive to produce the most positive and memorable musical experiences, both for artists and for fans.  
Our main focus is concert production and promotion, but we offer a variety of additional services.

Concert Production

Concert production is our main focus area, and for a decade we have produced a huge variety or smaller and larger concerts, from club show to festivals.
Regardless of the size and complexity we have an unwavering commitment to maintain our high quality standards and be a reliable and trusted partner for artists, agents
and managers alike, and a supplier of  great experiences for the fans.


Royalty Productions understands the demands of our customers and we our proud to successfully tailor events to its exact specifications and intentions,
be it large scale events or private highly exclusive parties. 
Our focus is music and musician related events, and within that we produce promotional events, outdoor events, official artist afterparties, club events, and private artist events. 

Tour Management

We offer European touring services for artists. We can set up European tours, facilitate transport, visa requirements, lodging and aim to successfully solve all needs and
challenges an artist might have during their tour. 


We offer a variety of marketing services, including marketing analysis, marketing strategy, single project marketing, releases, promotions and concert and event marketing. 

Production Services

Royalty Productions can offer a variety of production services in-house, including artwork production, graphic profiles, photography and video production.
Additionally work work with industry leaders to offer an array of additional services tailored to each individual artist. 
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